Tynell Washington # K96931
Southwestern Correctional Center
P O Box 129
East St Louis   IL   62203   USA
Tynell Washington
Hello, everyone out there. OK, so I know everyone on this site conjures up this well thought out perfect introduction and has some perfect pictures.

Well listen, I’m just going to do the straight-forward, blunt and honest approach. I’m not about to mislead you into believing that I am this perfect man. I’m not, not at all. I’ve got these bad qualities that cause me a lot of problems in life, like wanting to live too fast. Wanting nicer things and a better life so I have hustled illegally. I’m ambitious, I'm spontaneous, I'm full of life.

All these things end me up in here and sometimes ruin my relationships with people. And of course, sometimes when you live like that it can be dangerous. People want what you got and many times don’t want you to win. So…having a gun is smart (why I’m here now)...until the police catch you with it. LOL. Then you're in here because you can't have a gun when you have a felony, right? SMH.

Anyway….so I decided to get on this site because, maybe it's a way to meet some different friends. Maybe I’ll meet some real friends, some good friends that last a lifetime. Hey, it's worth a chance right? And I wouldn’t be against meeting an amazing woman that changed my mind, my heart and my life…lets just be honest, can we?

So here I am, giving myself a chance I guess. And honestly well, hoping that the universe or whatever sends me some blessings.

I can’t say what I’m gonna do when I get released next year but…I want it to be something better and different than what I’ve been doing. They say changg is changing people, places and things. So…I’m hoping to change people.

Now, besides my wildness, smile, I do have a great heart. I care deeply for those I love or befriend. I am very understanding, open-minded and conscious. I like to laugh and have a good time, and sometimes my wild-side can be fun! LOL!

I’d love to let you get to know me and I’d appreciate the opportunity to get to know you.
Well, I’ve told you the honest, flatout, unsugarcoated truth…if my words resonate with you and if what I’m saying makes sense…I hope you don’t hesitate or second-guess writing to me. Or reaching out to me on the institutional email. You can download GTL at connectnetwork.com or get instructions off my IDOC page.

I hope you Take a chance, it may be the best thing that happened to both of us…

Women, Friends
African American
Possession of Firearm by Felon
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Ad Expiration: 04-14-2023