Daniel Bradford 
I'm nice, ripe and ready to be picked! 

It's been a long time since I had a woman in my life. Now that I'm 38 I believe I'm mature enough to appreciate God's greatest gift to the world, women. The softness and intuition only a woman can bring I miss. Whether as a friend or significant other I'm sure we'll both complement each other's lives. And I can promise your life will be the better for responding to me.

I hope to find a woman who's open-minded. One who's open to getting to know me. Why I'm me, how I became me and who I'm becoming. Also who's open to me learning the same about them. How you look, your race, or where you're from doesn't matter. If you're okay with me calling you beautiful every day and me asking you how you're feeling every day then this profile is for you!

I described myself as a great listener, attentive. More of what can I do for you, then what can you do for me type of guy. I'm an excellent supporter and encourager. I have a great sense of humor to. My friends say I look like Wayne Brady. I think I look like Morris Chessnut. What do you think?

I'm 5'11", 200 pds. I enjoy watching sports, playing sports. I'd be Kickin butt in chess. I talked trash in all I do. I enjoy exercise. I'm in a college correspondence course. I work here as a tailor. The "Rona" has kept me from doing all I mentioned. Hopefully some good will come from Covid. (You).

I be watching the bachelor, 90 day fiancé and married at first sight. I believe in God and prayers. Spiritual but not judgmental. Optimistic. I enjoy reading and writing and eating.

I bet once you see my picture and hear my voice it will confirm what you're already perceiving. That I'm one of the exceptions. I'm not into playing games, looking for a meaningful connection. I enjoy listening to music. All types. Perhaps you can send me a playlist and I can send you one of mine.

Genuine, passionate and authentic are words I'd also use to describe myself. Easy to talk to. One of my flaws is that I'm a proud man. I know it's not worth a nickel but it's all I got right now. Once we get to know each other I'd love to share with you about why I'm here. As well as my chances of getting out. You'd be surprised and intrigued.

If you've got this far and reading this then make it official and get at me. Either go through this place or email me at DanielK 89633@gmail.com or if you want to get at me faster my prison email info is connectnetwork.com

Please be safe and careful out there. Can't wait to meet you.
Daniel Bradford  # K-89633 
Menard Correctional Center 
P O Box 1000   
Menard, IL 62259  USA
Women, Friends
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-17-20
Ad Expiration:09-17-22