Adan Torres
There is a quote that state, "People who get on in this world are people who make the circumstances they want. "

Although over 20 years ago I found myself in some bad circumstances I still manage to create some desirable situations, like earning my GED and achieving an Associates in liberal art studies, hence the grad pic. I believe the minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open.

Now staying true to form I thought it was necessary to start a new chapter in my life by creating this pen pal site in hopes to achieve another pleasant situation.

I have a good sense of humor and speak my mind. I love to converse about the hot topics of the day, and I don't shy away from the controversy ones either. I am opinionated, but I understand that's what they are. Mine aren't set in stone, so they're ever-changing. I pay attention to my health, therefore I exercise routinely and watch what I eat. Lastly, who doesn't like to read a good book once in a while.

I'm searching for women open to adventure, witty, independent, and love to talk about topics they are passionate about. Who aren't afraid to speak their minds, in fact a little feisty when doing it. LOL. Also, ones that see the importance and potential for relationships.

I started this with a quote, it's only right I end it with one. "To be fully alive means to live as if love will never run out. It is knowing the things you desire the most is overflowing in abundance."

I'm hopeful for this door I've opened and all I desire is the amity that might come from it.

Adan Torres # K-77180
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Canton, IL 61520 USA
Women, Friends
1st Degree Murder
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