Joseph Montague # K65437
Stateville Correctional Center
P O Box 112
Joliet   IL   60434   USA
Joseph Montague
On the market - a ruggedly handsome and charming 44 year old divorcee grand and magnificently built on a 6’1, 260 pound frame with a great foundation and good bones. Cozy up in strong arms hand-forged over time as hard as wrought-iron. A bit of a free thinker, with a kind heart, good personality, strong willed and great for conversation. You will find him in great health both mentally and physically. Hobbies include reading, working out, movies, music, art, poetry and many other things. Great for entertaining, boasting a good sense of humor, multi-talented, a good artist (as shown by profile art), great songwriter and poet. Creative in writing and good in the kitchen. A good listener, looking to try something new, and a bit out of practice. Seeking a woman’s touch and a woman’s conversation / correspondence. A woman 21 years and older, who’s open-minded, who knows how to communicate and has an opinion of her own. God fearing (no need to be overly religious, but still knows God is good). A woman who may share of the same interests but open to try new things as I am. Everyone calls me Jody (the real jody). I am laid-back, and easy going. Don’t be put off by the linebacker frame. I am truly a big teddy bear, unless I need to be a grizzly 😊 Hopefully, we can make a connection and grow in friendship . A place I believe all lasting relationships begin.

Thank you for your consideration. Remember all saints have a past, and all sinners have a future. Truly, Jody A short original poem!

“My Wish”
I’m not a Casanova, Romeo and I have never been friends tho our names are the same. Still, I consider myself a hopeless romantic, lost in my own world, staring into the eyes of a girl, with a smile, I’m a sucker for. Soft and sweet, easy to sweep off your feet. Into these arms that will hold you comfortably. A perfect fit, so here with you I'll sit, happy and content, looking at you, my star. I smile cause I believe in you, my wish!

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Legal Help
1st Degree Murder
Serving A Life Sentence
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