Leon Foster Jr
Leon Foster Jr # K-654321   
Avon Park Correctional Institution
8100 Highway 64 East    
Avon Park, FL 33825 USA
I've been in search someone to share my dreams and ultimately build a life over time.  To progress to this level we must first become friends and see where our compatibility lays.  I'm a man seeking after the heart of God and acknowledging him in everything I do.

I'm seeking someone who can see my faults and not use them against me, but help to encourage and build me up.  I value the inner heart of a individual and hope you can do the same. I've always cherished family and the ability to provide for those I love.

I've been labeled " A true romantic at heart"   I know how to take hold of a beautiful rose,  pick pass the thorns to admire its true beauty while watching it blossoms and opens up. I cherish family and family values. I'm the father of three adult children, Two sons and one daughter.    I have always shared a  love for children and have  served as a mentor to the youth in my community.

I'm a Electrician by trade and worked with several youth organizations teaching the youth basic electrical skills.  Being Incarcerated was never the life I wanted to live or chose for anyone so I gave young men another option and skills needed to work a trade.  We don't know what life has in store for any of us, but its all in the will of the Lord.  He is capable to surely deliver us out of it all.  We are seeing it in action everyday.   

Hope to hear from you soon.

African American
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
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