Mark Campbell -EL
Hello, my name is Mark Campbell.

I was convicted and sentenced to a term of 115 years for a crime that I am 100% innocent of. My lawyers failed to test evidence and never investigated the record, the states attorney knowingly used perjured testimony from their expert witness, and my judge illegal activities has come to light, and can be shown in my case, the same activities.

I went to school to become a paralegal in an effort to help myself, and I've uncovered many pieces of evidence that not only shows my innocence, but, also clearly shows the states attorney illegal activities too. I am currently in court proceedings in which my new judge is also acting biased towards me in my issues. Because I am a pro-se litigant, the judge is trying to deny me my constitutional rights also. I've gotten myself as far as I can as of now, so I am seeking donations from you all in an effort to obtain a paid lawyer, to represent me.

I am also seeking companionship, for a long-term relationship. I'm seeking someone around the age of 30 years old and up, race or looks means nothing to me because a good heart makes everyone beautiful.

I am a black male, 41 years old, I love the outdoors, to laugh, and listen. Spending time with a loved one, watching the sun come up or going down, or just laying under the open sky watching the stars, or even long walks, preferably in the rain, are the best times.

I am not afraid to open my heart to someone, but, she must be willing to do the same. It said that love is giving someone your heart, and trusting in them not to break it.

Mark Campbell EL # K60380
Statesville Correctional Center
P O Box 112 
Joliet, IL 60434 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Moorish American
Universal Murder, Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery
Release Date
April of 2118 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 05-31-18
Ad Expiration:05-31-19