Walter Benavides

Positions available, no experience required . Looking for an angel to lend me her eyes, so she can read this prayer. Been in the dog pound for a while, betrayed by friends. However, I would like to cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Be an angel, open the door to start a friendship.

May I share? I am a gentleman, humble, kind, self-assured, fun, respectful, polite, loyal, a fighter who will protect those who I care for and love, nonjudgmental, understanding, good listener, loving, charismatic, eloquent, self educated. I need a friend to be the whole package. :)

Age, race, weight, looks, religion, widow, divorcee, disabilities, is unimportant to me. I am only concerned about the woman that you are and what's inside your heart, dreams and goals.

Have you ever been discriminated, abused, bullied, lied to, cheated on, rejected, falsely accused, snitched on, or do you feel lonely? I can relate to those painful situations, let me tell you that it is not normal. Allow me to help you to get off that cycle and help you to rise like a phoenix. Now you have a friend in me and, I will put a smile on your beautiful face-soul and heart every day.

Don't be shy, nor smile-giggle or hide behind that screen. Enough about me. Let your pen do the talking; ask any question. Tell me about you. Your likes-dislikes, fears. It's never too late to donate a smile, don't be afraid of change.

Express yourself, you will not regret it. Meet me in the middle. Be an angel and surprise me with a note. Smile.
Walter Benavides # K-60211
PVSP D-3-249
P O Box 8500  
Coalinga, CA 93210 USA
Women, Friends
Fear God
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 08-15-19
Ad Expiration:08-15-20