Bradley E Jones
Bradley E Jones # K52471
Hill Correctional Center
P O Box 1700
Galesburg   IL   61401   USA
Greetings to All!

To start off I’m looking for a friend. Someone I connect, grow with. Possibly learn from vice versa.

I have a variety of interests. I love to draw, skateboard, bowl-shoot pool, music, and movies. I also enjoy watching football, basketball. Love animals pretty much anything to do with the great outdoors. Exercise/workout.

I enjoy learning new things. 26 more credits and I’ll have my Associates Degree thru Lakeland College. I'd like to major in Psychology. Life is full of surprises. I’d like to find that special someone who loves life as much as I do. I still have time to do it, but I’m expecting a miracle. Life is short so even in here I try to enjoy what I can. The little things in life seem to mean the most.

I enjoy Emailing my brother and niece talking with my sis-n-law when we get a chance. Friendships can last forever. So in order to grow more or not. We have to start with being friends.

I’d like to do some charity work, but it's hard for people to want to put their trust in you, when you're locked up. I lost my mom to cancer in 2002, so I’d like to do something for St.Judes Children's Hospital.

My pic’s are a couple of years old. I still have long hair though. I do look mad in them. However I do smile from time to time though.

If interested in wanting to meet me, not really a letter writer, you can sign up through, Email me. It's only ½ the price at $.30 per 2000 characters.

Hope to hear from you!

Ad Start: 07-14-2022
Ad Expiration:  07-14-2023
Women, Friends
Caucasian, Native American, Hispanic
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