Gary Sams
“Wanted” a kind, understanding, open, honest, cute, fun female who is understanding and confident enough to accept the thoughts, friendship and loyalty of a man of substance and moral values and integrity . . .
If you are willing and have the desire to shine some light on these trying times and relieve some of the pressures these walls place on a man, also has the right opinion to accept nothing less than honesty, undivided attention and realistic views along with positive views and aspirations and a sincere friendship with endless possibilities? You’re who I seek! A woman of latin, caucasin or middle eastern descent over 25 yrs of age, goal oriented, honest, upfront, respectful, down to earth, loyal to say the least. Who’s character mirrors mine somewhat? But is original in her own right. Who can meet me on an intellectual level and who’d like to build an impeccable friendship and maybe more?
I’d love to make your acquaintance . . .
A embracing lasting friendship at least. Someone sincere of any culture from the US & Abroad.
First and foremost I don't seek financial support or childish time wasting! I seek maturity, also integrity as well honesty!
Regardless of age, race, rich, poor, etc.
I want someone to meet me on an intellectual level that wants more than mere materials in life . . . It's not complicated, but it is difficult to find what I seek during this time of temporary totally unjust conviction in which is in proceeds to being overturned which I’ll elaborate more on at a later date. . .
About me, I’m 46 yrs. old, 6’5, 285 lbs, solid build, healthy, green eyes Irish decent, tattoos, born and raised in Chicago, educated (highschool also Vocational School) Never married, a Leo, also a firm believer in God & family as well hard-work…
I’m a very honest and straightforward person.
Respectful, kind, caring, loyal with an  open mind, great sense of humor and generous heart. I’m hardworking, laid back, affectionate and passionate … I’m confident but by no means arrogant! I’m a sweetheart/bad boy but by no means a pushover. I love to treat a woman as should be! With love, respect and nurturing. . . There's much I can say about myself but I’d rather you learn and enjoy me for yourself. I have many, many interests! But a few are! I love music of many genres, I love to exercise, cook, read, and draw. I enjoy many types of art. I love muscle-cars, the outdoors, especially nature! I love animals! Dog lover at heart. Just to name a few things . . . 💗
I refuse to be fake, superficial or anything besides myself! I don't need the world or materials for happiness & satisfaction. I need a “Woman” to build a solid foundation of friendship with!
I want to be the one you give your attention, your-loving perhaps?  Or when late at night it's I that crosses your mind on any level?  I want to be the one to share your goals, aspirations and thoughts with.  Because I want you to be the one I can do such with!  Can this be you?  I believe in trust, honesty and loyalty over fakeness. I also believe strangers are just friends/companions we ain't met yet…
So I choose to take a chance here and see if what I seek can be found? To succeed changes must be taken. . .
So to find a special friend would be great!
Because any relationships that last are based on amazing friendships, so if we can't be friends what can we really be? So with this I hope I've piqued your interest?  If so please pursue your curiosity!
All replies will be responded to ASAP! Friends & companions!  Who knows Where a simple letter could lead?

Gary Sams # K50112
Hill Correctional Center
P O Box 1700
Galesburg   IL   61402   USA

Ad Start: 05-19-2022
Ad Expiration: 05-19-2023
Felony Murder
Release Date
09/2042 or Sooner