Robert Scherrer
I thought I'd write to say hello, introduce myself and give you a little rundown on my situation and what goes on with me.

My name is Robert Charles Scherrer-beast if you'd like. I am 48 years young, 5'11", 215 lbs., Totally bald, heavily tattooed and majorly pierced. I am an ex gang member doing a life sentence for the crime of murder. I've just started my 23rd year. Yes, that is a long time. I go to the parole board in 2029 as of now, maybe sooner. I am totally ready to reenter society as a productive member.

I am a practicing pagan of the left-hand path. Very much into ritual, yoga, and meditation. Have started a few forms of magick over the years. I paint, right and scream in a punk band. I write my own songs, poetry and papers on many subjects. This is besides my love of sports and exercise. Did I mention I was an excellent health? I also love Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gatheriing..

My first 15 years in prison were very destructive, I quit the game 10 years in. (That is a very long story for another time) and it took me five more years to come to terms with that. Now I am on my way to an AA degree in humanities, while attending and leading self-help groups. Now I am a very productive beast.

I am very open-minded, life is too short not to be. So, if you are interested in writing, I'll be here till 2029. But, please write soon. All letters will be answered.
Robert Scherrer # K38186
Avenal State Prison 140 106 L
P O Box 901 
Avenal, CA 93204 USA
Human Race
Left-Hand Path Spirituality
Release Date
BPH 2029
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