David "Bear" Shaw Sr
David "Bear" Shaw Sr # K25820
Mule Creek Prison - B7-130
P O Box 409040
Ione   CA   95640   USA
Hello, everyday I strive against oppressions, while maintaining my innocence. Maybe we can strive together.

Incarcerated 22 years. Nevertheless, I’m positive towards the parole board, creativity, learning and growth.

I’ll never ask for money, but I want visits. My daughters have brought the grandchildren, we eat, table games, photos. It’s a lot of fun and safe.

My prison assignment is barber, but mostly known as Pod Boss and greeting cards. I enjoy drawing cards.

I’m towering 6’4”. Genuine, affectionate, have empathy and kindness. I don’t like liars or people who want to hurt others.

I’ve participated helping unfortunate children with paintings. I hope giving back the wrongs I’ve done.

I’m scared of heights, love heavy metal, have my own guitar, do yoga type exercise, foodie, love tattoos. Favorite subjects: space theory, social psychology. Favorite movies: Heist, Oceans 11, Point Break, Big Daddy.

Prior to incarceration I was painting Harley’s. I’m a recovering addict and I enjoy living clean, having a lot of things.

Playful, trustworthy, but also lonely. I want companionship. Life will be easier with someone. I don't like being alone.

I feel I have something to offer. You might expect yosee me sapped by my woes, instead you’ll find me invigorated by my lack of obstacles.

I’m your man if you're lonely and seek friendship. It is best to write directly. You’ll never know if you don't write. Could be the start of something beautiful.

My daughter made me do this ad. But, I believe someone’s out there for me, with me you get what you see., like a big old (Bear) I won’t bite. LOL

Not looking for drama. I live a simple everyday life, someday I will walk outside these prison gates, maybe with your help.

I hope good things come your way.

Ad Start: 01-06-22
Ad Expiration:  01-06-23
Women, Friends
Native American
Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Burglary
Release Date
EPRD 05/2024 Board Date