Choeun Hun
My name is Choeun, and I'd like to share a few things about me.
I'm single and I have four younger sisters and one younger brother. I love to read, write and work out to pass the time in here.  I listen to all varieties of music and I like to watch all kinds of movies and TV shows. I have an open mind and I'm also a good listener, with a good sense of humor.
The “Paws For Life”  program has been a dream come true. Having them adopted instead of being euthanized is our goal. I've personally trained and loved dozens of dogs since I've been in the program. I've gotten attached to many, but a “Forever Home”  is in the dog's best interest. One particular dog came to my “Milo.”  Anyway, Milo is my first dog I have had the pleasure to work with in here and he was sick and had a serious leg injury that required surgery. The first month, I put him through physical therapy. Massaging and strengthening his injured hind leg brought us close. I carry him outside to use the bathroom and I bathe him daily.
He recovered quickly and our training began. Since Milo had been in the program for over 2
years in here, he knows all the simple commands like “sit,” “down”, “stay,” and “come”.
Milo is the smartest dog in here and he knows how to speak, salute, hi-five, shake, turn on the light, get a bottle from the refrigerator, flush the toilet, and he even knows how to smile and meditate! LOL
Due to his wonderful personality and disposition, he was adopted quickly. The day “Milo” left it was raining, so no one could tell I was crying or I had raindrop on my face! LOL
He changed my life and touched my heart. .
I'd love to tell you about my other dogs.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.
Take care and I hope you have a great day with a smile!

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Chino   CA   91708   USA
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