Ricky Fernandez
Ricky Fernandez # K10000
Salano State Prison
P O Box 4000
Vacaville   CA   95696   USA
Hi! My name is Rick, I’m a straight-single male seeking fulfillment in my life & someone to teach me about myself. I’m looking for a woman with substance that poses the nurturing qualities of life. One that is obedient, but also, will bend the rules for me. A woman that will submit her loyalty towards me, thus does not belong to anyone (another man) else. I need a love partner (wife) that is open-minded, understanding, kind, caring and has a positive outlook on life. One that longs to love a man worthy of her affection.
I enjoy walking, jogging & being out in nature, also watching a good movie. I have an athletic built, exercise daily. I’m currently in the process of attaining an A.A. Degree.

I’ve been incarcerated for 28-years on a life sentence Approved for family visits (conjugal). I never had the pleasure of getting to know a woman personally, moreover, at that stage in my life where I want to be involved with a woman.

Like Tupac said: Even the hardest of the hard need affection. ”I need some love. If you're considering wanting to know more about me.

Please forward your information and a picture. If you’re a single female available for an adventure, because I personally cannot wait to discover who you are under the surface of that vibrant exterior.

Q: How do you cope with life's demands & challenges from day-to-day?
     Do you love people for who they are or for who you want them to be?

Respectfully submitting,
Ricky Fernandez

Ad Start: 06-09-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-09-2023
Native American, Yoeme
Spiritually Red Road
1st Degree Murder
Release Date