Michael Clark


I was raised and love by seven very special beautiful women. Two grandmothers, one mother, four aunts. They wore the pants in the family and everyone damn well knew it! They all nickname me their little prince. I would smother them with hugs and kisses at our family reunions. That was in Tyler learned how to turn the TV channel to watch mighty mouse and Alvin, the chipmunk. Then age 12, I moved on to Zorro and Robin Hood. One day, uncle Mike lost his keys to his 55 Chevy and I watched intently as he hotwired his car. I then started hot wiring cars-trucks just for the joy ride then my new name became… Dennis the Menace! I never finished my 10th grade shop class and was permanently removed school for painting 5 of the teachers pets well in the paint room. I then moved to my grandmother's house and found work logging under Mt. Rainner in Washington state. I had a roaming spirit! So I moved to Canada where I logged with my other half of my family. I then started logging in Ketchikan, Alaska, in Junea-Sitka-Fairbanks and in Petersburg. Logging is seasoned, it is usually 9 months a year. I found myself traveling the United States by Greyhound from 1979 to 1995.

I had traveled through 47 states and had several dozen addresses and phone numbers of people I considered family. In 1995, in the month of July 28, I received time in California, for robbery. During my 22 years in prison with 12 different riots. I have lost all my addresses. I was summoned to the parole board on 11/19/16 and was told I could very well be released in the year(s)… 2019… 2020.

During my long lonely time in prison, I have studied my Bible for 21 years. Prophecy being my favorite subject. I believe by the world's events, that we are on the threshold of the rapture! I am praying there is someone who I can help clear up any misunderstanding of anyone certain verse or subject. Thank God we have a strong concordace. I have prepared myself for the community by taking the following vocational classes. I have enjoyed plumbing, welding, refrigeration, and mechanics, as well as computers, haircutting, it's filing, plus I have taking criminal thinking and anger management.

I have hundreds of funny passionate down-to-earth stories to share! I hope someone will give me the opportunity to make you smile and laugh.

Below are the music artist in which my mother had ingrained in me when very young. I have kept with that touch heartfelt music until this day.
Everly Brothers, Johnny Mathis, Frankie Valley, Johnny Rivers, Neil diamond, Neil Sukaka, Hall and Oats, Simon Garfunkel, Righteous Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Beach boys, Bee Gees. Two of my favorite songs are: Richard Mark; hold on to the night,… Bob Seger: running against the wind.

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