Josue Faureles
Hi Ladies, I’m a 37 yr. old native of Brooklyn, NY and also of Black West Indian ethnicity seeking to build a solid foundation of friendship with a down to each and open minded women that I can bring into my world, one who's intrusted in building with and getting to know a charming and loyal soul who’s taken all the necessary steps to better every aspect of his life and without judgment is committed to relating to and sharing each-others point of views and passions for culture and all the beautiful possibilities it can bring to life.

A woman with a good uplifting personality that I can vibe with on a mental, spiritual and emotional level and whom I can bring a spark to her life and vice-versa.

I’m humorous and uplifting and although I speak with no accent. I’m fluid in a few other languages including Haitian Creole with an irresistible smile that's known to be contagious and as an extension of my warm and understanding personality. I’m also a very encouraging an optimistic person who sees the world filled with thorny obstacles that can be solved through my endless innovative ideas and hard work that possesses all the ingredients and skill to make the best life possible; AN aspiring entrepreneur who now walks through life informed by a sense of purpose while embodying passion and boundless creativity and amongst other things enjoy working on my fitness, cooking, eating and listening to music as a form of get-away and relaxation. While also using this stumbling block of my current incarceration to better myself towards a brighter future and plan on giving back for past mistakes though some cause driven entrepreneurial ventures that I’ve mapped out.

I’m also a supporter of diversity and a great listener who doesn't expect someone-else to have my exact hobbies and passions, but I do value the qualities of honesty in a foundation of friendship. Plus I’m also an adventurous person who loves to learn new things and want people to know that anything you feel about your past and the people in it is validated cause if the logic is, we gotta “sometimes step in shit to know it stinks” only we know what we want for ourselves moving forward, so I aim for my future friendships to be defined only by healing, growth and excitement and seeking to build with a like minded women.

If that sounds like you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Josue Faureles # JL-0381
SCI Forest
Smart Communications PA DOC
P O Box 33028

St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA
God Fearing
3rd Degree Homicide
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-23-2022
Ad Expiration:  03-23-2023