Jason LaBar
PenPals are like scratch off lottery tickets you might win or lose but you won't know if you lost or won until you start scratching and see what's underneath the surface.

Some people are like onions the more layers you peel and see and experience the real them you get hurt and cry but I am like a potato I might be a little rotten or bruised on the outside but the more you peel me the better I get and become a McDonald's French Fry finger licking good lol.

I am looking for nonjudgmental people to connect with who won't highlight my criminal history but white it out so I can rewrite my present and future.

The best type of friends and relationships to have are like your favorite outfit they make you feel great and look your best those are the type of friends and relationships I am looking for and want to build preferably with females that can start now and continue when I get out of prison in 2021. Your race eye , hair , skin color your body or weight doesn't matter confidence is the most attractive quality, confidence is the make up that makes every female beautiful so if my ad and pic move your heart and mind like your favorite song moves your body and lips contact me don't be shy I can only enjoy your pearl if you open your shell mailing info

"SmartCommunicationsPADOC , Jason LaBar #JB9580 ,PO Box 33028 , St.Petersburg , FL 33733" or email me goto "ConnectNetWork.Com" to set up a email account when your setting up a email account they will ask what prison I am in put there PADOC.

I'll be waiting to hear from you.
Jason LaBar # JB950
Smart Communications/PADOC
P O Box 33028   
St Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-16-20
Ad Expiration:07-16-21