Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez # J92333
North Kern State Prison
P O Box 5005
Delano   CA   93216   USA
Hi & thanks so much for taking your time to check out my ad. I know a mere photo & info only says so much about a person. So I ask if you’d spare a moment of your time you'll come to see that said moment wasn't spared for naught. So here goes a lil about myself. My family & friends call me JoJo. I was born & raised in East Los Angeles, CA. I'm 47 years old. I've been incarcerated for 27 years. Since I was 19. During said incarceration I've been to the worst places in the “C.D.C.R.”  And that's to San Quentin death row & to Pelican Bay's SHU where at both I was to remain til my expiration date. But at the former my death sentence was overturned on appeal. And at the latter I was released from after our peaceful hunger strikes and with the help by the so many on the outside who stood up with us in solidarity. I share this with you cuz I'll always be honest about myself instead of allowing stereotypical ProPaGanda to typecast a convict as it tries so hard to do. I am who I am & I am what I am. And that's a man who knows I'm no saint nor do I try to be one. I'm my own person who's hoping to meet an awesome woman who has time in her life to spare to get to know a guy such as myself through pen & paper. And feel free to ask anything you'd like, anything. Don't be shy either 🙂. And what I'm also hoping to find is a friendship with an awesome woman who's straight up and that speaks her mind and who's looking just as I am to meet someone whose company & their friendship can be enjoyed to its utmost fullest! Cuz I'll say this I believe in DeJavu and most of all that we all meet those in our lives that we are meant to. And that of 2 lives crossing paths as it does isn't just an utter coincidence. I believe  it's that which comes out of 2 lives crossing paths is what truly matters.

Well that's my philosophy in part on that aspect of life's awesome journey. So I ask, if you feel that you’re on the same page with me it’d be great to hear from you! Til then take care and thank you for your time.

Ad Start: 12-14-2023
Ad Expiration:  04-14-2025
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence