Kevin D Lewis

Congratulations, today must be your lucky day, because you've just stumbled upon a needle in a haystack and your future Prince charming all in one click. So there's no need for you to scroll any further, Mr. Lewis is exactly what you have been searching for. For real! He's intelligent, principled, charismatic, has a great sense of humor, knows how to treat a woman, and loves kids. Not to mention he's fine as hell!! Yes, your very own King is just a short missive and $.49 away. So, are you woman enough to be the Queen he seeks?

No, he's not conceited, nor is he picky. He just knows who he is, and what he wants and needs in a woman. First and foremost you've got to be a fighter, because this injustice system does everything it can to discourage positive interaction with the outside world. Secondly you've got to be a lover of life, and regardless how bad things seem, able to appreciate the blessings you have rather than dwelling on those you don't.
Lastly, being a hopeless romantic, so you have to be open to the possibility of loving and being loved like you never have before So are you that somebody? If so, please pick up your pen and introduce yourself. He's anxiously awaiting your letter.

"Are you that somebody"
Are you that somebody I can tell my secrets to?
Are you that somebody who'll help my dreams come true?
Are you that somebody I can trust, not to break my heart?
Are you that somebody with whom I can make a fresh start?
Can you learn to love a man like me who has made mistakes I've made?
Can you open your heart and bare your soul to me without being afraid?
Kevin D Lewis # J 79998
P O Box 4670
Lancaster, CA 93539 USA
African American
2nd° Murder
Release Date
Don't Have One yet Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 10-12-17
Ad Expiration:10-12-18