Christopher M Rowland
Christopher M Rowland # J53510
Los Angelas Co State Prison
P O Box 4610
Lancaster   CA   93539   USA
“Quality worthwhile person”

Very muscular 5’5, 185 lbs, 54 yrs, blond-blue gray, Nordic-German-English. “A treasure chest” of good advisements, knowledge and rare skills at your service. A published author or a short stories-poetry-my first two books are in process.

I am a deep ocean of many aspects to discover, so come and swim within me. I am “A hard gem on the outside”, I’m a hard-leathsome prison environment “For far too long”. I am rough-ready for the test and a hidden treasure within. Allow me Fair Damsels-Gentleman, to share who I really am.

I plan to be the best pen pal you can find, to upgrade-bless your life, to make you laugh-delight on the letters we write in to be your loyal friend. Love and relationship? I can only wish it so, “love”.

Also, a talented country western song writer-singer, enjoys some other music, as well as dancing. Some of my many facets are, new-ancient age study, Mystical-occult-study-Para Sciences, Armanist-AsaTru pathway, varying religions, extra Terrestrial-Autism UFO/UAP  phenomena, nutritionalism, revolutionist history.

When at Freedom, I will be a career author, C.E.O. enterprizen- entrepreneurs, full body makeover-healthful quality lifestyle.  A purposefull- meaningful new life, a second chance at life, so precious, ahead.

For fun-adventure-friendship, intellectual purposeful connection, “I am the pen pal for you”.  I sent your first reply email/certified mail to ensure arrival. It's all good from there. Europeans especially desired. I am willing to wed a European woman, but, ”only if you're willing to consummate our marriage at a conjugal visit”, including to maintain a relationship-friendship; as an arrangement toward gaining citizenship. Write, I will explain everything that you need to know. I love- respect women-never abuse/degrade them.
Ask me to know me, no lies.

Ad Start: 09-08-2022
Ad Expiration:  09-08-2023
Women, Men, Friends
White American
2nd Degree Homicide
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence