Joshua Runningfox Cordero
Dear readers, 

Hello. My name is Joshua Runningfox Cordero. I am a Native American who is doing life in prison for my stupidity of being a young savage in a gang. As a young man I ran in a gang & I didn't care what would happen to me. I've been a good fighter from a young age & getting into anything that would make money was a no-brainer. But that way of life landed me in prison for 8 life sentences.:( Still, with a hard head I walked these yards looking for the next best fight. So years I spent my first 20 years not caring & spending lots of time in the hole.

I came to prison in March 1986, and it took me all this time to figure out that this is life. I've been trying to do better now. 20 years without a visit anyone from the outside world finally hit me. I need good people in my life. I don't want nor need any game players. I need true & honest people who will speak their mind, and will say the truth no matter if it hurts! Don't need any shy person, you must be willing to be your true self with me. Talk to me about anything & everything!

I like to work out, play volleyball, handball, do all kinds of beadwork, draw, write, and best of all I can make smile, laugh, and even pi**you off from time to time. :) I do believe that we all our friends who haven't yet at. So if you take a chance on me, I promise to always keep it real & honest with you.

Joshua Runningfox Cordero # J 47715

P.S. I have long hair (silver, white & black) I'm 5'11", 215 lbs. Lots of tribal tattoos. I also give tattoos to people here. :)

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Joshua Runningfox Cordero # J 47715
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Imperial, Ca 92251 USA
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