Dale Rumsey
Dale Rumsey # J34402
Valley State Prison
P O Box 92
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Hello, I've been in prison since just before I turned 24. 27 years later, I guess it's time to reach out and make new connections.  I'm not your typical prisoner-I'm not into drugs or alcohol (in fact, I've never used them);
and I'm not into “prison politics.”

My hobbies include singing country music and playing my guitar; all things technology (I was Cam)  a computer programmer before I got arrested.
Writing fiction when I can; watching a good movie when one comes along; spending time in nature (though that's impossible given my situation); and other things I can't do in prison 🙂.

I am serving a California three strikes sentence and should go to my first parole hearing sometime this year (2022).

So, why seek someone now?  I've tried in the past, but relying on snail mail these days sucks.  I mean, who writes letters anymore?

So, the California prison system is finally moving into the 21st..
We now have tablets with messaging capabilities from Global Tel*Link.
I can be contacted through the getting out app in the Getting out app in Google Play store or Apple's App Store.  You just need to know my state, my prison, and my prison number to find me and create a contact.
Hope to hear from you soon either on the tablet or snail mail.

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