Joseph Griggs
I'll introduce myself later. Ima keep it real from the beginning.

I was accused of assaulting and sexing a friend inappropriately. We became intimate. It went on for 3 weeks. Then I noticed a lot of fatal attraction stuff going on. She became jealous of anyone I talk to. I knew I was wrong but I had a girl at the time. She cheated on me big time but instead of leaving it I stayed because I kept her and her children together and safe. I stopped her X from beating her badly one night and the same night she gave me her #. I left the situation because I found out she was putting a date rape drug in my drink. She got mad at me one day and put me out her car for buying my own drink . She asked me to get her pregnant. I said no. So I guess this is how she came up with her plan. 3 days before I got locked up. They had the rape kit and I never knew. I was tricked into giving a testimony. Now I know why. They needed to shape my case into a crime. DNA was present but it's not mines because he told me she picked someone else up that morning. But Detective lied on the stand about conducting a rape kit she said they didn't test for my DNA because I admitted to a sexual relationship. He made a lot of mistakes. The judge did. The prosecution did. They didn't even bring the person to court that conducted the exam. They're trying their hardest not to let me in court I have a landmark case that will help a lot of people. I'm ready to tell my story. The truth. My name's Joseph Griggs.
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