Travis Gauff
Travis Gauff # H-77472
Valley State Prison
P O Box 92
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Thank you for reading my profile.  My name is Travis.  I was born in the Golden State, and before incarcerated, resided in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, at the present time, I’m incarcerated.  But as one “actually innocent” of my crime, I am looking forward to going back to court soon and stating my life over…Thus in the present, I am seeking a pen-pal.  Someone who, in quest is looking to acquaint themselves with some drama free - as well as able to adapt.

I am five foot seven, 175 pounds solid, and work out daily.  I don’t do drugs, and am a spiritual man.  For pastime, I occasionally play basketball, read, and watch good movies….  You?...  When free, I enjoy being chill - hanging out with family.  Who for the most part finds pleasure in doing simple things, such as, taking casual walks along a beaches’ shoreline, or sitting on a rock fishing, listening to Kenny G, watching the sunset; enjoying creation…  How about you?  What do you do for pastime?

I am also one to be appreciative of that in which God created from Adam’s rib… the essence of you.  All that you are,… your preciousness, and passion to give life…. as woman and… a cherished creation, if I may say… now sitting across from me.  Whom if not mind my asking… what r your quest in a friend?  And what ways do you not only embrace the creativity of friendship?  But what measure would you sow towards reaping a positive connection:  Even if were to dance to a Silly Love Song in a summer rain… would you?... though odd as it may seem.  This, I ask because like mountains, friendships too are made by the creativity one is willing to put into it.

Think about it… gotta go.

African American
Crime Didn't Commit
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-08-21
Ad Expiration:  04-08-22