Although I don’t mess with drugs myself, you can say I am a little good and a little bad, so I know no one is perfect, not me. I am a very spiritual person and believe in the noble virtues of my culture is what defines my character.  My friends might say my sense of humor is a bit warped, but it seems to work for me considering I have some very good and loyal friends, even though my pay number at this super-max prison is for the painter’s job.  I am the person who runs the ASATRU religious services on B-Yard which has given me the opportunity to create our ASATRU religious area with a green MISTIC OL’ Ireland sort of look, with shamrocks growing up large granite stones, growing along the whole outside the fence is my famous wild mints, I have wild rose bushes growing along the wall that I grew from stems that I was given by the Native Americans.  On top of my love for gardening, I like to stay as strong and as healthy as I can.  I’m open to getting to know a special woman that I can befriend.


David Wall # H-75383
CSP - SAC - New Folsom
P O Box 290066
Represa   CA   95671   USA
David Wall
2nd Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
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