Juan Calderon
Juan Calderon # H-75038
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409020
Ione   CA   95640   USA
“Joint the Cause, Our Civil Rights Matters Too!”
----Hello there! Blessings to all of you. Hope to find you in good life conditions when you read this letter of mine. I am the State Prisoner of California undergoing the experimental situation with a chip on my head to monitor my brain, against my will by the U.S.Government. So, if you used to work for the CDCR and needs money wants to make a good amount of money, please help me out to find legal assistance of the best law firm to file my Civil Case for a few millions of $$ money indeed. This is a Big Case for Big Money !

-----There is not time to play games or waste my time. If you want to make money, a few millions of dollars, don’t delay. The Government have abused its’ inherent power with general prejudice, racially biased state of mind and very arbitrary conduct:

1. They put me to sleep and performed some brain surgeries to implant a chip on my head to monitor my brain for experimentation purposes.
2. The surgeries on my head have caused me a dysfunction on Digestion system Track, which have caused me lots of pain and suffering as part of experiment.
3. They have used the chip on my head for criminal purposes as part of experimentation with an evil so malicious and sarcastic state of mind causing one health problems with use of chemicals on food, water and air ventilation to produce chemical reactors on my body and affecting me only.
4. They have conspiratorially and maliciously infected me with Chicken pox Virus and denied medical care to experiment with such virus the years of 2014-2017.
5. They have obstructed medical care during my 28 years of imprisonment, as part of experimentation.
6. They have manipulated prison employees and prisoners at my last 4 prisons to make my prison life extremely miserable under criminal activity, harassment and hostility for 20 years now.
7. On year 2010, I was beat up and humiliated, as well as sexually violated by 4 prison guards who beat me up, walked me off and harassed me while butt naked - no clothes on - butt naked.
8. For 20 years now, the Government have subjected myself to cruel and unusual punishment by infliction of general abuse; emotional  distress; general suffering; misery; mental anguish; psychological harm; violence; disciplinary action; administrative punishment; isolation ; segregation invasion of privacy; causation of health problems; unnecessary wanton painful suffering; and depravation of all basic human rehabilitative needs  of imprisonment resulting in denial of parole date, which altogether have prolonged time of incarceration indeed.
9. The government has abused its inherent power to obstruct my mail, communication with outside world, the access to media and lawyers, and access to court system without any corruption.
10. The Government has even obstructed any help and all help from people even my family.
11. Thus, the Government has abused its power to isolate myself, inside prison for 28 years now, while undergoing sexual harassment, as part of experimentation.
----Furthermore, the Government has abused its inherent power to convict me of murder offense with corruption, when my crime was tragic event of the year of 1992 in which the D.A. Office offered to settle down for voluntary manslaughter offense with11 years, half time to serve prison term in Court Case # 159531 at Santa Clara County, California…PS

----“Now I can’t get out of CDCR after 28n years of imprisonment”  Hence, everything and all of the afore said=described in violation of all preexisting laws, international laws of Nelson Mandela’s treatment of prisoners, and the Federally protected civil rights of prisoners under the U.S.Federal Constitution and parallel provisions of California Constitution. “Only God knows how many people got chips on their head, not knowing it”.

----Come on people, help me out to reach justice and make the Government accountable for the Civil Case, in the sole interest of justice and fundamental fairness whatsoever! Please, joint me at: Justice for J.C.C. our civil rights. Matter too.com.  You might have got a chip on your head and don’t know about it!

----Sincerely yours, Juan Calderon H-75038

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