Juan Calderon
Juan Calderon # H-75038
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409020
Ione   CA   95640   USA
American Society
American People
To whom it may concern:
Blessings to you!  I wish nothing but the best for you and loved ones!

I am the prisoner undergoing the sexual situation with chip on head, I guest for experimentation against my will!  And, only God knows how many people are under such situations without knowing it!  But, let me tell you something for sure, I have already served my time of imprisonment, hence, I have paid off my crimes to you as a society, as prescribed by laws!  Now, I can ask and pray for forgiveness for all my wrong doing in violation of the law, however, I also ask and pray to help me out to reach justice for the violation of my civil rights under the U.S. Constitution and parallel provisions of the California Constitutions also!
Bottom line, I fully trusted the Government when I turned myself in and got arrested on March 11th 1992.  The tragic case was in fact settled out as voluntary manslaughter with 11 years half time plea over by D.A. officer, but, I ended up doing more than 28 years of imprisonment due to the obstruction of justice on appeal court system!
Here, the government have abused its inherent power to violate all pre-existing laws as well as all of the civil protections and/or civil rights:
After my arrest for drug sales the year 1990, I was put to sleep and unlawfully subjected to brain surgeries to implant chip one my head two monitor brain activity “alike a case of American Genius Steven Harkins who pass away the year 2018;
Then, after terrorist act of 9-11-2001 from year 2001 to year 2021, the government have organized prison employees and convicted criminals to make my prison life miserable “like a terrorist” with all type of criminal activities amounting to pure punishment by the infliction of general abuse; torts;  misery; mental anguish; emotional suffering; psychological harm; violence; physical injuries; disciplinary actions; administrative punishment; segregation; and the factual prolonged time on incarceration indeed;
The government have also obstructed my rights to mail; communication; access to lawyers; access to the media access to the courts without corruption; and access to all social rehabilitative programs with adverse affects upon parole date to prolonged incarceration;
The government have further used its inherent power to obstruct help from people even my family members while keeping myself under pure isolation;
The government have additionally abused its inherent power to organize criminal activity to contaminate my food, water and air ventilation system with chemicals having all type of health problems, discomforts, and painful suffering with denial of real medical care;
The government have manifested everything to sick my mind while undergoing the sexual experimental situation with the chip on the head while keeping myself isolated and addicted to drugs for the past 10 years of imprisonment; and
What the government has done on the civil case is against the laws, civil rights and all contemporary standards of human decency as well as under such evil general racial bias full of general prejudice and evil hatred!
Finally, if you helped me out for sure, by helping me out you will also help the Saint Jude children’s hospital research and other organizations where most of these case’s, money will be donated in smart business to make the money, to generate money forever all generations to come!
So, please join the cause and please understand our civil rights matters too!  Help me out to find legal assistance for this civil case in the interest of justice and fundamental fairness!
Sincerely, Inmate, Juan Carlos Calderon, H75038

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