Gregory Tate
To be a winner, is always a faithful test! 

Articulate, attentive, nonjudgmental, single man, fan of writing urban novels, poetry, essays and short stories. Seeks down-to-earth, caring, intelligent, understanding woman to correspond with.

My hobbies are writing, fishing, camping, horseback riding, watching movies, listening to R&B, gospel, jazz, rap, etc., and cooking-I'm an excellent cook, (best dish is oxtails, rice, with gravy, cheese/Mac, with peach cobbler for dessert). Learned that from my grandmother's- (both of Mississippi women now RIP.) But, their recipes carry on their memory/legacy.

I'm from Oakland, California. Trying to keep my spirits high and preventing myself from turning cold towards the world. So, are you the woman who can look deeply into the abyss of my eyes, see my soul of a man who has been held captive in a cage for years, yet still remain smiling, shining, productive and striving for the gates.

I'm currently one class (algebra) from getting my Associates of arts degree in social and behavior science, and an associate of science degree in business.
Well, holler! If you hear me. I will holler back.

Take care & God bless.
Gregory Tate
Gregory Tate # H68500
San Quentin State Prison
CSP-San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94974 USA
Women, Friends
African American
Robbery Murder
Release Date
Appealing Conviction On Death Row
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Ad Expiration:01-23-21