Jerry Russell
Jerry Russell # H35046
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409040
Ione   CA   95640   USA
I’m Jerry and I am looking for my soulmate on the internet. I know it sounds stupid but I am lonely.

I am currently serving a 7 to Life term in the Hoosegow and am doing the work on myself so I can get out someday.

I am not a Christian, but I do love the Holy Scriptures and I love the timeless wisdom of em. I love Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music but I'll listen to anything.

I love movies. I love pets. I love all things you love and more.

I am 51 years young and I am covered in tattoos. I keep my head shaved cause I’m going bald anyways and I’d rather have no hair at all than just a little.😊  I love to write. I believe that snail mail is a fading art and I would like a few friends to help keep it alive.  I am a very positive person full of life. I just know that there is somebody out there for me. I've been searching for a long time now.

I would be happy to tell you all about myself. I do not play head games. I do not beg for handouts. All I care about is getting mail If there is anybody out there reading this ad please give me a chance. I'm lovable.

Take care and be Blessed.

Postscript:  “Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.”

Ad Start: 05-05-2022
Ad Expiration:  05-05-2023
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