Michael Spedden

For whoever's eyes I catch and willing to take a chance writing me, isn't wasting their time, that I can guarantee!

I'm looking for friendship first and foremost, but open to whatever may evolve between us?

I've been in prison since January 2005, but my minimum release date is the end of January, 2017, so hopefully we can continue our friendship when I'm home too!

My ear, companionship, stories, comfort and life is welcome to you, if you're truly sincere and genuine about evolving our penpal ship into a lasting friendship! It doesn't matter what your physical beauty looks like, only your inner, but a photo of yourself is desired to get an image on who I'm writing?

I mature and very ahead of my age, after all experience creates a person wiser, so age is just a number and not important.

This sentence I'm serving is all drug related or influenced in one way or another, but I'm clean and sober now! I evolved for the better through this journey, which I used as a learning tool. I came from a decent and supportive family in SW PA, and value loved ones and true friendship as a gift or treasure  in life.

I have no children but having my family someday and  a variety of pets is very much desired! My passion is to put my many goals, ideas, and options into action with working legally, having clean healthy fun, continuing to exercise as it's part of my lifestyle and just enjoy the simple comforts in life I once took for granted.

One thing we have in common now, is to meet new people and share our life to one another, so I'll be patiently waiting, write me soon or email me through "Connectnetwork.com"

"Honesty, faithfully, loyally, always"
Michael Spedden # GF1181 
Smart Communications/PA DOC

P O Box 33028   
St Petersburg, FL 33733 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian Italian
Raised Catholic but Spiritual
Multiple Drug Related Crimes
Minimum 01/24/17
Ad Start: 10-13-16
Ad Expiration:10-13-18