Alan Summerville
Hi, my name is Alan Summerville. I go by Al.

I have a wide range of education but spent most of my life as a mechanic and carpenter. I also buid old-school Harley Davidson motorcycles as a passion, I love dogs and old rock 'n roll music. I appreciate some country music and country living is the only way to go.

I've made some bad choices in my past yet I believe it's what made the man I am today. I have a big heart and I use to have a list of qualifications a woman would have to meet. Today I believe that was my mistake in finding someone special. I was too busy trying to qualify so I missed the one I should have let find me.

I believe change is uncomfortable and if I stay uncomfortable then I'm getting out of my own way. Things can't always be Al's way. I have a little time to do and would love to correspond with a woman who is willing to work with a man who is open to suggestion and a new life. I know we all have someone out there. I'm not the quitting type, if I commit to something or someone I see it through.

If you have an open mind and your heart has damage through life's pain then let's take a chance. If you're not a quitter.

I'm in PA and all-mail must go through address listed.

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