Cuitlahuac Padilla
Cuitlahuac Padilla # G47340
SATf Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
P O Box 5242
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA
Women, Men, Friends
Assault With A Firearm
Release Date
2022 MID
Ad Start: 06-24-21
Ad Expiration:  06-24-22
“Smooth Seas do not make skillful sailors” is one of my favorite quotes.  Reminding me that whatever adversity I encounter will refine my character and give me an opportunity to grow, to become better and in the midst of difficulty I maintain a strong positive attitude aware that with struggle comes growth.  Without problems there would be no progress, problems spur creativity/innovation.  I adapt to any situation, I’m proactive and make the best of if turning my incarceration info a stepping stone to my success with that said allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Cultlahuac, folks call me “Quick” for short.  I’m a northern California bad boy soon to be released.  I’m an optimist with a sense of humor who likes to laugh.  I am very easy going and communicative person.  I’m very social, adventurous, open-minded, friendly, amiable, attentive, and I know how to hold a conversation of substance.  I value friendship and place loyalty in high regard.  I have clear goals with a keen sense of direction.  I enjoy reading/studying self-help and educational books.  I’m currently enrolled in college to obtain an A’s core in business.  For amusement I like reading horror, sultry romantic novels and watch spaghetti westerns.
I’d like to communicate with the outside world, appearance doesn’t matter to me, what’s important is an individual’s character and personality.  I want to get to know you from the inside out, age, race, religion are minor.  I’m looking to meet a female who is genuine, mature and has inner warm.  My release date is right around the corner, so contact me via e-mail by downloading the app at or by writing me at the P.O. Box listed.  Take a chance, reach out and see for yourself what kind of a person I am, you won’t regret it.  Take care and stay safe