Christopher Michael Poe
Christopher Michael Poe # G-41520    
CHCF- Stockton
P O Box 3210    
Stockton, CA 95213 USA
Hello, Christopher is my name.

Yeah, I made some mistakes obviously but it's been a while and I've gotten rid of old friends and old life. I try to keep it positive as much is possible. Which is the reason for this ad.

I'm looking for support and good positive friendship. My days are kept busy with education and legal studies to obtain a paralegal degree and with writings for a film I wanna put together with some friends I have and family.

I'm hoping you could be someone with possible encouragement towards goal planning. I am serious about creating a better and lasting future. I believe nothing is worth doing unless you put your whole heart into it. I also believe playing with someone's heart is a terrible crime in itself. I have wasted enough of my life and have no time for games.

I believe that the Lord up above can use a terrible situation and turn it into a situation that brings him glory and blessed us at the same time.

My family is in San Diego and Detroit. I'm looking for a woman around my age, mature, goal oriented, smart, ambitious, understanding would like to start a friendship.

Women, Legal Help
Caucasian Hispanic
Spiritual Believe in Jesus
Assault with Intent to Commit Another Crime
Release Date
08/15/25 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 09-17-20
Ad Expiration:
Basic Ad