Ricardo Whiteside
Hi, I'm Ricardo. 

My words are limited to 300 in this ad, so I'll just get straight to the point. I'm looking for someone between the ages of 26 to 43 years old. She's exciting, down-to-earth, funny, sexy, confident, spontaneous, adventurous, smart, caring, understanding, and freaky when need be.

Myself I'm African-American. I'm open to talking to a woman who's single, race is not an issue. The world has changed a lot since I've been locked down, and I have been working hard in here preparing myself for the day I'll be release (this year December 17th 2020). I've learned a lot about construction, and I've helped build buildings in here from the ground up. I've taken many college courses in business and management, and I passed them all. I have an entrepreneur spirit, and I have saved up thousands of dollars since I've been in prison, and plan on opening up my own small business very soon upon my release.

I would love to meet someone with the same drive and ambition that I have. I would love to team up with someone who's honest and trustworthy, and who is down to venture out, and take our shot at the American dream together. Let's become successful together, love one another "should things evolve to that level"?

My time is so short now. Today is October 1st, and I get out on December 17th at the end of this year. It will take 2 to 4 weeks for this ad to be processed, so I figure you'll be reading this sometime in November.

Talk to me sweet lady. Write me, I'll write back. If possible shoot me a phone number and I'll call you, so we can get to know one another faster than inside of a letter. Send a picture too.

Okay, well take care of yourself out there, and stay sexy.

Yours truly,
Ricardo Whiteside  # G-41295 
4001 Highway 104  
Ione, CA 95640 USA
African American
Attempted Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-29-20
Ad Expiration:10-29-21