Sevastian Uribe
Sevastian Uribe # G33674
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409090
Ione   CA   95640   USA
“Okay”, let’s do this. I don’t take photos too often. I have all my front teeth, 5’9 219 lbs., no diseases or cold sores. I didn’t want to get this AD but need a female to keep me going right; “you know”.

I came in at 27, no G.E.D., didn't make the best of time. Getting thoughts of becoming better.  No kids, American born, no obligations only parole. Getting out soon, healthy with good eating habits and exercise every day, hard worker, artist, handyman, clean cut, shy in the beginning, sincerely normal. I don't judge, only adjust.  The truth gets me going, very honest. Raised in L.A.; will move to better myself. Missed being young; still feeling 27.  I need to get back on my feet, I only have what’s in my cell room. If you're overseas “Okay”, have kids “Okay”. Open for anything.

Send me your photos or whatever if you're feeling me. Ask me anything; we can do this however you need or want it. If it doesn't work out, I’ll stop writing at any time or be friends.

I’m looking to invest time and effort for someone to get out to and concentrate on getting a good job or work. We can do this together and get something out of this. Here is something personal. I'm not that good with writing, I don’t like to work for others by will; to pay the bills, I 've been stabbed in the back too many times by people I trust and love but not given up, I love working on cars and houses.

What are you into? What’s your favorite colors?

“It was nice of you.” How did I do on this AD? You have good taste🙂 . What are you feeling?

Ad Start: 06-23-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-23-2023
Voluntary Manslaughter
Release Date