Paul Anderson
PSSST . . . Can I tell you a secret?
I’ve been sitting here pen in hand trying to think of some kind “magic” words that’ll somehow make writing me irresistible! You can laugh at that. I did!  So, the best I came up with is to just be myself.

My name is Paul and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m reaching out with the hope of finding some to connect with.  I really enjoy meeting and getting to know others. Sharing thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. Everyone has a story that’s unique, special and valuable. Would love to know yours, I’m a believer in leaps of faith. Your willingness to even consider opening up to someone in prison says alot about your heart already.  Thank you for that.

So, I've only got about 300 words to let you know about me. Talk about pressure! LOL. I’m a really open and genuine guy. Vulnerability and building trust are essential to any type of relationship. Having said that, I understand the apprehension in writing a guy in prison. Believe me I get it. However, I’m confident if given the chance you'll find a man who is true. Much of which stems from growth and healing. Guess it’s obvious I’m into deep engaging conversations. Full disclosure: I also want to play and have fun! What about you? It’s good for the soul.

I’m a father to 3 amazing children. The loves of my life.  Music is a must, all types depending on my nood. Oh, and learning new things. Nature in particular fascinates me. From the stars in the sky to the depths of the ocean and everything in between.  I like to stay active too.  Being in prison has definitely given me an amazing appreciation for life, love, relationships and especially the little things.

So what do you think? I vote for you taking a leap and writing…I’m excited to hear from you! Either way thanks for giving me some of your time.

Sincerely, Paul

P.S. If you'd rather, we can also email one another on my tablet. Become a contact on G.T.L. messaging at ( when it asks for a prison location it’s under CDCR-VSP Chowchilla {Madera County} Letters or email just as good. When sending an email please leave your address so I can respond.
Thank You.

Paul Anderson  # G-15402
Valley State Prison D1-22-3L
P O Box 92
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Murder (187)
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start: 06-02-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-02-2023