Floyd Greene
You desire someone to share your life with, and so do I.

My name is Floyd Greene. I'm a college-educated man in pursuit of something special. And something special, for this man, is a friend who I can share my thoughts and energy with, and maybe more. Someone willing to accept me for who I am because I cannot compromise the essence of my character, at any time, and my mistakes shouldn't mean I have to mortify who I am for the correspondence of another. Understand I would not ask that of you, and so it is my hope that you can give me this same respect in turn. What I look for is someone to experience, who looks to experience me likewise. Someone who understands others are not for us to possess, but only just for this purpose - to experience.

I'm not looking for perfection, I seek only ambition, progress, and open-mindedness.

Confessing there is quality PGO in full, I expect nothing less than an equal to share my light.

If this feels like you, download the JPay app and send me an email to say hello. I look forward to your message.

#Khalid - Talk
Floyd Greene # G-14745
Kern Valley State Prison
P O Box 5103  
Delano, CA 93216 USA
African American
Release Date
Parole 05/10/34
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Ad Expiration:09-12-20