Ken Burke
Hi! Ken here.

I'm seeking friendship and love for all levels. I also need your help launching Earth Love Solutions (ELS) with donations of funds (vis and go fund, volunteerism and brain storming too).

A heartfelt shout out to all environmentalists, ecologists and climate change activists. I love y'all. I thank you for all you are and all do.

I'm experiencing an awakening as I recover from my 7th stroke. 7/18/2018 at 2 am I woke up with the concept create a nonprofit entity (ELS) with revolutionary solutions to convert ALL global plastic waste into reusable priducte (i.e. building materials and 3-D printed homes), help end global homelessness, hire 100k+ employees worldwide and save ga-zillions of trees.

I'm reaching out to y'all to join our movement to help re-balance ourselves and our beloved Mother Earth. ELS is an outlet/vehicle for unity, creative innovation and exploration (within us and wihout us).

Please share your visions, solutions and ideas on how to reate a balanced life and home planet.

I'm a reformed alcoholic and outlaw with 16 years sober and crime free. Back then I was drunk, lazy and taking; now I'm "woke" focused on all things positive and giving. I parole in 2026.

I create art, as the artist KenJim and donate it to environmental entities (i.e. "Earth First!" and "4Ocean". I teach art classes to my fellow patients whose average age is 60 years and time in prison 40+ years. They donate their art too.

Thank you and may the Blessings Be.

Ken Burke # G-05627
CHCF-D7B 109
P O Box 32050
Stockton, CA 95213 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations
Caucasian, Welch-Irish
Burglary, Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-27-20
Ad Expiration:08-27-21