Reginald Baker
Reginald Baker # G04900
Bay Correcttional Facility
5400 Bayline Drive
Panama City   FL   32404   USA
My name is Reginald Baker DC#G04900 and I'm seeking to locate a female friend or my soulmate. My release date is 4/15/2024.  I'm looking to vibe with a female who is not about playing mind games and who's honest like myself?

I'm a great guy and I'm seeking to find a great girl. I was born on 11/13/1980 and I'm from Gainesville, Florida!

I'm interested in finding true love. I’ve been hurt in the past by my ex-girlfriend and I'm now mending a broken heart. I'm only seeking to be loved by someone and to issue the same love in return.

Are there any females left in the world who believe in commitment and honesty and faithfulness?  If you're one of those females who believe in these morals and you're reading this ad and you're interested in corresponding with a man who believes in the morals I've listed above then please write me. You can write me by going on line or your phone or computer and download the free JPay app.  We’ll be able to correspond with each other through a form of text messages that are basically forms of letters.

If you are searching for a great guy then you've found him when you stopped to read this ad.  Anyone seeking to run games or play games can overlook this ad and just keep strolling because I am too old and mature for the games.

Ad Start: 02-24-22
Ad Expiration:  02-24-23
African American
Release Date