Victor Jaime # G04123
Centinela - D-1-102
P O Box 931
Imperial   CA   92251   USA
Victor Jaime
Dearest Beautiful Reader,
Thank you for allowing me this brief moment to introduce myself.  I know this may be an odd way to meet someone… Pero I firmly believe it’s the best way to get to know that sweet special lady.  I’m in the hopes to possibly spark an interest in someone and possibly build a friendship.

Pues here is a little about myself… I’m a 38 year old, single, Mexican born in LA.   At 5’10, 202, I’m very involved in sports.  I exercise regularly just to stay healthy and focused.

I’m loyal to my familia as well as my friends.  I’m a straight gentlemen, with a great personality who is charming, respectful, open-mined with a big heart, who made some bad decisions in life.  I try to stay occupied mentally and physically.

There’s no better timing then now to have someone to confide in.  Communication goes a long way.  Once you get to know me, you will see that I’m a caring, sincere and loyal person.  I do believe in the way you carry yourself is the way you represent yourself.  You see, I’m not a judgmental person, nor do I have specific preferences when it comes to a beautiful lady.  A good loyal heart and personality that enjoys sharing thoughts, laughs experiences and see where it goes from there… I’m looking forward to meeting a lady friend that enjoys to correspond and that maybe interested in meeting me in person one day.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure to sit down and converse with a lady.

Believe me, interactions like that are sorely missed, so please feel free and comfortable to write (no Mordeo).

Gracias for taking a few minutes of your time.
Be Safe & Be Bless…
Sincere & Loyal,
Victor Jaime

Assault with a Firearm
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