Momin Khawaja
Momin Khawaja # FPS840950E   
Millhaven Penitenitary   
P O Box 280  
Bath, Ontario K0H 1G0 CANADA
I'm interested in getting to know intriguing individuals who I can share ideas and good conversations with. 

I'm open to all backgrounds, what is more important is an interesting personality and character.  I'm single and never been married. I was born in Canada.  My ethnic background is Kashmiri, I've lived in many parts of the world.  I'm well versed in 5 languages; English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi and French.   I'm fit, muscular / athletic, tanned and tall.  I love to workout and take care of my health. I have university education. I worked as a software developer / engineer prior to my arrest. 

I've never killed an innocent human being or harmed women or children in any way.  I have a life sentence but my parole eligibility started 2 years ago, I just need to be in the right place to get it.   I'm close to my family, parents, brothers and sister regularly visit and we speak on the phone often.  I have excellent writing skills and would love to share my thoughts on any subject.  I continue each day to reform and reproach and be rid of any form of radical and extremist ideology I struggled with in the past.
Terrorism Related Offenses
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Serving  a Life Sentence Eligible for Parole Now
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