Earl Pollard
Earl Pollard # FE-7303 / SCI Greene
Smart Communications PA DOC
P O Box 33028
St Petersburg   FL   33733   USA
“Hello Pulchitudinous Queen”
I’m in search of, “true goddess,” someone who would never regret being by my side, standing strong with me, loving me, not scared to have the emotions and share them with me.  Someone who understands life, and who would love just to share her time with me, “is this you”.

I need you to please look past the mistakes I’ve made in my life, but understand I’m correcting, “Me, the Man”. The love I have to share with you is unbelievable, and I’m not afraid to share all of me with you, if you would have me.

Right now, I’m in Seminary College, and afterwards I would like to do more with my special someone by my side.  So, tell me, “can you share my life, will you share my world?  I promise, I will never lie to you, and yes I expect the same.  Honesty is the life of “True Love”, but to be deeper, we must share our minds and become one.  Isn’t this, what’s meant from the beginning of time between man and woman, to help one another?

I want to be your best friend first, and if it moves forward, that’s the best part.  I work out, I enjoy educating the mind, and I love music and singing.  Will you let me sing to your heart and make you happy.  Come on, be my best friend.  Age, size, color doesn’t matter write me.  Enjoying the pictures, I’m a visit away, “Will you visit me?  Hope I made a beautiful smile upon your face.  Understand, “My love is deep and real”, if you want it, “Come get it”.

I understand, deep down inside I could have done better in life for myself.  I ask, are you willing to assist and devote you, I need you, I’m awaiting, come share my world.

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Ad Start: 02-04-21
Ad Expiration:  02-04-22