Jesus  Barron
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Desert View MCCF
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Adelanto, CA 92301 USA
Hey my name is Jesus and I'm from Sinalo Mexico.

I came to the USA when I was 15 years old. I decided to use this Pen Pal site to meet new interesting people with new positive ideas and bright futures.

I am an open-minded person, I respect all beliefs. I appreciate a strong opinion and I'm a very good listener. I like to work out, play sports and have a good laugh even when the joke is on me. I have hobbies in here to help my time to pass, such as doing beadwork, a lot of drawing, painting and a lot of tattooing. My favorite type of artwork to do is culture art.

I'm very family oriented, for me a strong family builds a strong individual. Life is family and friends communication and support, love and happiness, that's what makes life good. I have a strong connection to my roots. I like to practice traditional way, I try to stay surrounded by positive people, knowing that this is not the best place to be. I'll try to to make the best out of it.

Well thank you for taking your time to read this letter. Hopefully you enjoyed what you read ;)
Hispanic Mexican Native
Traditional Native Way
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