Dominic Le'Blue
Hello there…

It has been quite some time since I've corresponded with someone on a friendship level or relationship level to say the least.

So, let me tell you a little about me, and what I'm looking for. My name is Dominic, but I'm called "Domo" or "Nickey" by family and friends. I have brown eyes, brown locks that are a little past my shoulders. I'm incarcerated for burglary/robbery that I did as a young wild, immature adult… And, has been incarcerated for 13 years, but I'm 3/4 done with my sentence. And I can be released soon, due to my appeal in Supreme Court. I have since then educated myself, and have several certifications and trades.

I'm a Libra, I'm down to earth, adventurous, open-minded, loyal, spontaneous and smart. I love exercising, love to cook, walks and talks on the beach, movies, drag racing, cycling, dirt biking, fishing or just cuddled up at home with that special someone.

I'm caring, sincere and attentive. I have a goal to become an entrepreneur and major music producer. I'm from Compton, California, which is Los Angeles County. But, I'm willing to go where my heart leads me. I can be a jokester at times, and I have a cool sense of humor. I also love to travel. I have about 100 tattoos, that express me and my character.

I'm looking for people who want to make a new friend, who don't mind writing, people who may or may not have the similar interest, and are willing to build a friendship to see where it leads.

What are your goals?
What are you passionate about?
What is your sign?
What is your occupation? Or are you in school? If so, what are you studying?

Please send me a picture if you choose to write me. I hope we can be able to acquaint.

Truly, Dominic
Dominic Le'Blue # F82540
CSP-Solano 9-142 Low
P O Box 4000 
Vacaville, CA 95696 USA
Women, Friends
African American, Native American, French Creole
Burglary Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-28-19
Ad Expiration:02-28-20