Nathan Sessing
Nathan Sessing # F42102   
High Desert State Prison
P O Box 3030  
Susanville, CA 96127 USA
I wonder what will lead you and I get to know each other. What hands guide our fates and what eyes watch over our actions?

I've had the opportunity to make friends both good and bad. Good friendships are like close-up stars that never die in the bad like sour lemons. The memories fade but we never forget how they tasted.

I grew up on a small farm and learn to ride and two step. These days there aren't any horses to ride or ladies to two step with, but I remain on the sports field and in college studies. I'd like to publish the books I've written.

Complication and introspection have matured me into an individual with an eye for detail and a quick wit. The struggles of my incarceration have been surpassed and I'm ready to make a contribution to the right person's life.

One of the navigational stars in my life is my faith, known as Odinism. Having such an ancient code of morality to live by has given me strength and peace in this difficult world. I have learned to set the self aside and live by the way.

Emails from get to me and 1-2 days. But I have to use snail mail to respond.

I leave you and friendship., With an open heart and mind and I'll do the same.

Metallic Gods

Who has not seen the pulsing guts of a watch with its miniature gears throbbing and whirling in an impossibly rhythmic dance of mechanical life, and dreamt of crafting such intricate yet mechanical organs for fleshly men? Hearts that quiver, lungs that balloon and empty, metallic faces that morph with vitality, who hasn't envisioned the day when men become their own gods?

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Murder Burglary
Release Date
2028 (Parole)
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