Dustin Goepner
Dustin Goepner # F-35040   
P O Box 5103    
Delano, CA 93216 USA
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye

With that in mind I seek out the what I give away freely-friendship, compassion and inspiration as you see be my past dark. But these days when I walk I leave trails of light in my wake. Through my creator I'm able to see the brillance in all the creation and find the inspired meaning within. I tend to laugh a lot and not take too much serious as I wake every day thankful for what I'm afforded as I understand there are many who are going with out.

I consider myself a creator as I like to bring to light ideas and images that form in my minds eye. I appreciate life in all forms and complexties and enjoy things that challenge me mentally and physically, not easily swayed or deterred. I'm able to adapt to well in most situations.

I am single and am patiently waiting for my Juliet to reveal herself. There's many things that have shaped me into who I am today but my space is limited so if you're interested in sharing yourself with me and getting to know me better drop me a line or email me by downloading the jpay mobile app to your smart phone in getting up an account.

Take care and thank you for your time.

Age 40 brown hair, brown eyes weight 175

Native American
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