Baronell Ocasio
Baronell Ocasio # F32864
California Correctional Institution
P O Box 1902
Tehachapi   CA   93581   USA
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Common sense is now an endangered species. Stupidity has taken over the world and unfortunately there is no known cure! LOL!

Hello! My name is J.R. and I enjoy bringing laughter and happiness to others. Life is too short and is a gift that is meant to be embraced, treasured and shared with others. I'm seeking genuine friendship with people who can just be themselves.I can connect with anyone on many levels. Talk about anything and everything. I'm non-judgment, open, honest and trustworthy. You can confide in me. I'm understanding and easy to talk to.

About me:  I'm from Chicago, and I live a very interesting life. Traveled across the US. I'm temporarily stuck in California. My  incarceration was a curse. Today I'm happy, positive, self loving and peaceful. I have many interests and ever growing. I love all types of music and poetry. I love to draw and write long, passionate, expressive and meaningful letters.

I would love to get to know all about you. How are you doing? Happy or Sad? What are your interests? Could you tell me your likes or dislikes? What is your future? Race, Age, Gender, Religion or sexual orientation are not important. Strangers are friends who haven't met yet!

What are you waiting for? Write to me. Be safe and take care.

Ad Start: 01-20-22
Ad Expiration:  01-20-23
Women, Men, Friends
Puerto Rican, Italian
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