Messiah # F22428
California Medical Facility
P O Box 2000
Vacaville   CA   95696   USA
Hello, Efraim...Marisela, Chucko, Frank, Osyaldo, Shii-pae-alone without friends and loved ones. You’re all beautiful persons. I consider it more than an honor and privilege to meet each of you here today. Thank you for reviewing my entry. Though not quite a contest, I have the wonderful feeling of having already won 1st place and sharing the prizes with ALL of you.
!Good Times, Mate!

My name is: Messiah (without surname). I became an adult here in prison, the year being 2018. It was far from a pleasant awakening; but awake I was, am and continue to live. Unfortunate that I have no living loved ones, I do oddly feel fortunate that my jailing won’t hurt anyone other than myself. My release date falls between 2025 and 2030 depending on my behavior and how this year’s recalculations pan out. If remaining ‘barely legal‘ forever were an option for which all I had to do is say three, magical words…. I do now believe I’d remain silent, and allow myself to grow-up. I’m tired of this thinking, acting, believing (and destroying myself) like a brash, fool-hearted child. I gotta get UP! So, arise we shall. Now, which way do we now go?
I hesitate to post a photo for obvious safety reasons, But, also maybe I’m a bit ashamed about being incarcerated. I apologize for that. Should we begin corresponding I’ll forward photos once we both feel it safe to do so. ?Deal? I’m decent enough… I enjoy writing in Spanish and Portuguese; “trying” in French. Guitar, great food and a bit of God-to smooth down my edges.

Take a chance on me. I may/may not be worth damn to you. Some boxes need to be opened…

With Love, Messiah

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Love * Life * Laughter
Release Date
2025 - 2030