Andres Gonzalez # F16738
C V S P - A2-22-2
P O Box 2349
Blythe   CA   92226   USA
Hello, my name is Andres, my friends call me Dre. I’m a Latino from Compton, CA. I've been down since 2006. I’m currently serving a life sentence with the opportunity to go home in just a few years. I've made some mistakes in life but I am not the person whom I was portrayed as, and I am not trying to be anyone other than myself. Education has altered my life and expanded my views. I am humble, respectful and considerate of others feelings. I am a college graduate and I enjoy helping my colleagues reach their educational goals. I like to keep an open mind about anything and everyone that I encounter because closed minds cannot give chance to open new friendships. Success is in the future and that is where I'm headed.

I’m looking forward to making new friends that I can have good conversations with and share laughs with. I enjoy the company of all walks of life. I’m easy going, I love music, movies and I like playing sports. I have never been to a live concert and when I get out, I’m going to somebody’’s concert. I'm a very understanding person and I judge no one. I am a great listener, and I have an even greater sense of humor. I am honest, loyal and I value whole-heartedly all of my friends and family.

If you are looking for someone that will listen, will never judge you and will always be there for you when you just want someone to hear you out, I will be that friend. So, if you've ever considered rescuing a dog from a shelter, think of me. I need rescuing too.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Ad Expiration:  06-16-2023
Women, Men, Friends
Christian, Catholic
261(a), (2), 286(c)(2)
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Andres Gonzalez