Eric Anderson
I am Eric Anderson and have been locked down now for 17 plus years, fighting and unjust legal system. Maybe you are thinking, I have heard it all before about convicts claiming they are wrongfully convicted, but I am not asking you to believe me, some guy in prison, that you know nothing about.. I'M PROVIDING EVERYONE EVIDENCE! I am doing this through a website, that I first discuss the issue, then back it up with hundreds of pages of transcripts and documents. In doing so I am hoping to raise awareness not only to obtain convictions systematically. I believe it is a very compelling and likely eye opening piece on how our system really works.The facebook and website link will be provided at the end).

It is my hope through this website to bring in followers on Facebook, of like minded people, who can range from those who have known a friend or loved one that has been wrongfully convicted, to those that simply agree and feel inspired to be a part of something bigger and hopefully be meaningful to me and others in the system unjustly. I am also hoping along the way to find people that can help and or just friends in support and hopefully a few trusted and meaningful friends along the way.

Now some personal aspects about me. I am 46 and am half Swedish. I love motorcyles and animals. In fact I am an artist too. this shows in a lot of my art, some of which I have included. To see more of my artwork and link to my wesbite, please visit my Facebook cause page at : Eric Anderson Cause For Justice. Please note I have an administator who handles all  the digital stuff on my behalf. On the streets I was an union carpenter and I had a side business of doing custom tattoos by appointments. I am humorous, easy going and when it comes to friends, I am not looking for any one type. come as you are, just please no drama. I am a straightforward simply guy.

One queston often asked about my case, is why hasn't a laywer gotten me out, if I have all this evidence to show a corrupt, wrongfully obtained conviction...? There are a couple aspects, but the biggest is I have been on a waiting list for 14 plus years just to be assigned a State Habeas lawyer!

I really hope you will take the time to check out my Facebook and linked website, and just read it, and decide for yourself. I am not asking anyone to believe me, a stranger, but believe the hard facts seen in transcripts and other documents-Thank you!!

Eric Anderson  # F-01126
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974 USA

Women, Men, Friends, Legal Help
Murder, Robbery
On Death Row
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