Dwayne Ellis
Dwayne Ellis # E62831   
CCI -  A7-C-210
P O Box 1902 
Tehachapi, CA 93581 USA
Hello, my name is Dwayne Ellis.

I am a young -looking 53-year-old man who was born on August 7, 19 64 in the great big city of Los Angeles. My weight is 185 lbs., Height 5'8", with ravishing brown eyes. I am African-American with Indian ancestry running on both sides of the family tree, seemingly I am very proud to be both African and Native American. And so, I consider myself to be a cool, calm, and collected, as well as a thoughtful, caring, and open-minded type of individual, of which I value friendship enormously, to such degree that I strongly believe a friendship is something every human being needs no matter how it unfolds.

My interest consist of poetry, reading, physical fitness, elevating myself mentally, elevating myself spiritually, playing of musical instruments, and most of all writing.

In closing… I am in much need of a friend that I can get to know and understand, regardless of your background, present situation, or your age, weight, or race. It is never anyone's job to judge others, only to lift up each and everyone's spirits.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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African American Native American
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