Dwayne Ellis
Dwayne Ellis # E62831   
CCI -  A7-C-210
P O Box 1902 
Tehachapi, CA 93581 USA
I am most interested in seeking to find a sincere lady friend that has the most captivating of all spirit. Someone who is confident that she will have soon found the joy and happiness to elevate to new horizons. Someone who is also loving, caring, and sweet, as well as kind, passionate, and considerate. Someone who takes on a spontaneous vibe, in waiting to exhale on a one-way ticket out into the unknown.

Although this is a man's world, it would never be the same again without a woman's inspiration. However, being the man that I am, I stand behind the ambition, direction, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that was crowned upon my head. I do all that I can to generously prosper and out right multiply, in such a way as to prepare for an incredible legacy to establishing a future enterprise.

You know, sometimes we try so hard to be understood, although sometimes we fail to understand who or what is abundant in our lives. And so, I am humble enough to say that I am open, willing, able, and capable of accepting this new found friendship. I'm waiting on you!
Women, Friends
African American Native American
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